Are You Ready to Write Your Book?


Greetings Future Author,

I am so excited for YOU!!!

Let me be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS!

Congratulations on making a decision that will not only change your life forever but the many lives that will read your message.

No one can tell your story better than you, so why not write a book. A book will live beyond your life, nothing is as powerful as a book...the writing is permanent and it will live FOREVER in the hearts of so many lives. Writing a book leaves a legacy for your family and your children. The lessons and blessings that you have experience only you and God knows the details of it all. Somebody else's breakthrough is locked up in the testimony that you are ashamed to tell. Your voice matters and your story is needed!

My story was in my heart for 5 years before I decided to share it simply because I did not know where to start however, I did know it was going to cost me well over $3,000.00 based on the researched information that I found online. Guess what my friends, I wrote my 1st book in less than 6 weeks with the guidance and leadership of Pastor Monica Haskell "Birth Your Book in 6 Weeks Class".

I was so shocked that I DID it!! I literally wrote a book! And it was helped SOOOOO many people the testimonies are still coming in. After the shock of writing my book in less than 6 weeks, I promised God that I would help as many people who will allow me to help them Manifest their book in 7 weeks the number of completion! I have to show people how simple and easy writing a book is and how inexpensive it really is.

I paid LESS than $200 of my own personal money to self-publish my book, the BIG bulk of the money came from my audience, followers, family, and friends.
What you will get in the "Manifest Your Book in 7 Weeks class:


  • Weekly Coaching: Zoom Meeting, Conference Call, or Facebook Live in our Private Group
  • Personal 15min Coaching: Scheduled 1 on 1 with me
  • Creating your title & subtitle
  • Creating your book cover
  • Weekly Assignments
  • Resources on where to go for Book Cover
  • Information on ISBN number for your book
  • Meet the Editor
  • How to get your audience to pay for your book expenses
  • Book Signing, Book Release Party, & Launch Party & Much More!
  • Everyone who joins this class will "Manifest Your Book in 7 Weeks" if you're ready for your book to be birthed let's GO!!!

This class is scheduled to start July 03, 2017, our first meeting will be via a Live Zoom meeting where you will be able to ask questions and meet the amazing Author, former Judge and my personal Editor Sharmon J Monroe. She will be ready to assist you will your questions in reference to the content that's legal to be in the book, like copyright laws and how many words per book, the size of the font, how much for her service etc.

My Manifest Your Book in 7 Weeks class is normally $87 however, because I'm excited to help you manifest your book in a few short weeks I'm going to give you the GLORY Special price, 50% OFF you will get this ENTIRE class for ONLY $47!!! Whooo Hoooo! That's GOD!

Click here to make your payment NOW & LOCK YOUR SPOT ASAP!!!


Your Sister in Love,
Life Coach Keisha King