Guard Your Heart Pre-Sale/Pre-Orders

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Guard Your Heart Pre-Sale/Pre-Orders

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Guard Your Heart is available for Pre-Orders NOW for ONLY $15.00 this includes shipping and handling along with a personalized message and autograph from the author. FREE gift included with the first 50 orders! Hurry up and order to get your FREE gift!

I've been waiting for this book!

When it comes to the matters of the heart we must realize that out of the abundance of the heart flows the issues of life. Everything we do and say stems from the heart...we must simply build and alter around it to guard it against the hurt, pain and the broken pieces of our emotions.

Chapter 1: The definition of love?

Chapter 2: The Blueprint of love

Chapter 3: Men were created to pursue and chase

  • 5 Levels of Attractions

Chapter 4: Physical Attraction

Chapter 5: Mental Attraction

Chapter 6: Emotional Attraction

Chapter 7: Sexual Attraction

Chapter 8: Spiritual Attraction

  • Men vs Woman

Chapter 9: Qualities of a Man

Chapter 10: Surface Men

Chapter 11: Qualities of a Woman

Chapter 12: Surface Woman

Chapter 13: Broken for a Purpose

Chapter 14: He that findeth a Wife.....and there are 7 more POWERFUL chapters that are not listed! This book is fiyaaaa!

Have you ever asked yourself these questions...

  • Why do I feel so empty after that relationship?
  • Why am I still single?
  • Why do I attract people who aren't right for me?
  • Have I compromised my heart for the sake of love?
  • Why do I continuously keep giving my heart to the wrong person?
  • I wonder what real love feels like?

If you have asked yourself at least one of these questions, this book is for you. It's time for you to realize your worth and experience the love that you desire and was created to receive. If you are wondering what real, genuine, authentic love feels like, then keep reading and let’s get into the purpose and promises of love. In this book, I will teach you 21 principles of Gods promises that will help you manifest the love that you’ve always dreamed of. I will also give you strategies on how to guard your heart until the time is right to open it up to the right person and how to identify wolves in sheep clothing.  I will share with you some deep truth and revelation that God gave me about the 5 levels of attraction and why each is so important in relationships. Listen, I'm going to just give you the blueprint of everything about that four letter word that we all desire call LOVE. Order your copy NOW and Let's get into it. 

Book Release Launch Party & Location will be announced SOON! ;)