“Someone else’s breakthrough is ‘LOCKED UP”
in the testimony that you are ashamed to share”...
— Coach Keisha G King
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Hi, my name is Coach Keisha G King and I am your Relationship Connoisseur,
Have you ever had a bad taste in your mouth about a relationship?.....I know I have, it's time to bring some FLAVA back into yo life my friend! 
I help my client's reevaluate and identify barriers that have caused them to be stagnant in their relationships, issues that have stopped them from living their God ordained assignment and walking 100% in their divine purpose and living the lifestyle that they've always envisioned for themselves. My ultimate goal is to help you realize your worth and that the greatest gift of mankind is not the gift of sight, but the gift of vision to see which was once cloudy. I will create strategic action plans for my client's that's designed to endorse the power of manifestation over their life.
Bring the FLAVA back!
Coach Keisha G King