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Coach Keisha K here better known as the Relationship Connoisseur.

I empower woman to change their mindset so that they can reevaluate and identify barriers that have caused them to be stagnant in life and relationships, and to know when to serve an eviction notice on issues that have stopped them from walking 100% into their divine purpose. My job is to help them identify their worth so they can send a private invitation to that vision on the inside, to take a chance and dance with action so that we can celebrate the manifestation and live the life that they've always envisioned for themselves.

  •  Are you ready to live the life that you've dreamed about and have on your vision board?
  • Are you tired of being in a toxic, one-sided loveless relationship?
  • Are you ready to give an eviction notice to doubt, and fear?

Fill the form out and let's schedule a 15 min chat on how we can identify those barriers that have stopped you from walking in purpose.

I am SOOO ready to serve YOU!

Coach Keisha K

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